European can wear different styles of wigs because of their skin color and short wigs become more and more popular among them. Wigs are suitable for their lives and work and all of them can choose different kinds of wigs to wear.

Wearing wigs is a simple way for you to change your hairstyle in a few minutes and it is so convenient. You can choose celebrity wigs to help you look fashionable such as pink short wigs and it is a good way for you to be fashionable and beautiful.

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Wigs can be divided into synthetic wigs human hair wigs

1.Synthetic wigs

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If you want to know the quality of wigs, you can burn a few lighter hair to try, if there is an unpleasant odor that is inferior; can also be used to open up the hair dryer outlet by about 5 seconds on the wig, how is human hair, then there will be no exception, and if the other material will be an unpleasant smell.

True hair: hair really after burning, hand a twist into powder on the hair.

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